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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

225. Investment casting is used for
A.Shapes which are made by difficulty using complex patterns in sand casting
B.Mass production
C.Shapes which are very complex and intricate and can't be cast by an other method
D.There is nothing like investment casting
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226. The material of pattern in the case of investment casting is
A.Thermosetting resin
B.Special plastic
C.Synthetic sand
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227. Pipes subjected to very heavy pressures of the order of 100 kg/cm2 are made by
A.Electric resistance welding process
B.Centrifugal casting
C.Die casting
D.Extrusion process, as seamless pipes
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228. Water pipes of large length and diameter are made by
A.Semi-centrifugal casting
B.Continuous casting
C.Sand casting
D.Electric resistance welding
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229. Which of the following processes would produce strongest components
A.Die casting
D.Cold rolling
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230. The runners and ingates, respectively are located as follows in casting of ferrous metals
A.In cope and in drag
B.In drag and in cope
C.Both in cope
D.Both in drag
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231. Which of the following processes refers to the preparation of objects from pressed powders
B.Semi-centrifugal casting
C.Permanent mould casting
D.None of the above
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