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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

190. Strength and permeability of served sand are related to
A.Grain size
D.Moisture content
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191. Casting process is preferred for parts having
A.A few details
B.Many details
C.No details
D.Non-symmetrical shape
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192. In order to facilitate the withdrawal of pattern
A.Pattern is made smooth
B.Water is applied on pattern surface
C.Allowances are made on pattern
D.Draft is provided on pattern
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193. Least shrinkage allowance is provided in the case of following
C.Cast iron
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194. The draft allowance on the patterns is provided in order to
A.Provide good draft of air in the sand moulding
B.Provide for distortion that Might take place
C.Remove the pattern easily from the moulding
D.Increase the strength of the mould walls
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195. The taper provided on pattern for its easy and clean withdrawal from the mould is called
A.Taper allowance
B.Draft allowance
C.Distortion allowance
D.Pattern allowance
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196. The draft allowance on metallic pattern in comparison to wooden ones is
D.More/less depending on size
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