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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

183. Chills are metal inserts of steel that are placed at appropriate locations in the mould walls to
A.Decrease the freezing rate
B.Increase the freezing rate
C.Help directional solidification
D.Prevent directional solidification
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184. Fluidity is greatly influenced by
A.Carbon content of molten metal
B.Melting temperature of molten metal
C.Inoculant addition
D.Pouring temperature of molten metal
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185. The chief advantage of die casting is
A.Possibility of incorporating thick sections in small castings
B.Casting of inserts is possible
C.Wide tolerances are possible
D.High production rates are possible
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186. The purpose of inoculation is
A.To clean the casting
B.To decrease the melting temperature of a cast metal
C.To alter the chemical composition of a cast metal
D.To modify the structure and properties of a cast metal
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187. The main advantage of shell moulding is that
A.A metallic pattern is used
B.The moulds are stronger
C.Thin sections can be easily obtained
D.Highly complex sections can be easily obtained
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188. For mounting several patterns at a time, following type of pattern is used
A.Combined pattern
B.Loose piece pattern
C.Sweep pattern
D.Match plate pattern
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189. Draft on pattern for casting is
A.Shrinkage allowance
B.Identification number marked on it
C.Taper to facilitate its removal from mould
D.Increase in size of cavity due to shaking of pattern
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