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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

162. A brazed joint may be satisfactorily used on components made of
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163. When brazing is carried out
A.A joint is made between two parts by molten spelter
B.The edges of the joint melt and run together
C.Spelter forms an alloy with the flux
D.Flux prevents the work from melting
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164. Entrapped fluxes, during brazing result in
A.Presence of gas pockets
D.Distortion of joints
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165. Which is incorrect statement about corrosive flux in soldering process
A.Corrosive flux may be made by mixing three parts of zinc chloride and one part of sal ammoniac with water
B.Corrosive flux is rusted one and useless for soldering
C.The term corrosive flux refers to the reaction which takes place after the soldering operation is consumated
D.Corrosive flux is used to solder nonferrous materials like copper, brass, aluminium, or nickel
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166. Heat for soldering process is supplied by
A.Soldering iron
B.Induction furnace
C.Electric resistance method
D.Any one of these
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167. The temperature range for soldering process is
A.40°C to 100°C
B.180°C to 250°C
C.300°C to 500°C
D.600°C to 900°C
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168. Zinc chloride is used in the following process
B.Soft soldering
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