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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

8. Following gases are used in tungsten inert gas welding
A.Hydrogen and oxygen
B.Argon and helium
C.Argon and neon
D.Helium and neon
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9. In, resistance welding, the pressure is released
A.Just at the time of passing the current
B.After completion of current
C.After the weld cools
D.During heating period
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10. In arc welding, arc is created between the electrode and work by
A.Flow of current
C.Material characteristics
D.Contact resistance
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11. It is not possible to arc weld all types of metals with transformer set because it does not have provision for
A.Control of current
B.Control of voltage
C.Control of time duration (a) change of polartiy (e) all of the above.
D.15.18. Two sheets of same material' but different thickness can be butt welded by
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12. Best reason to decide use of welding in preference to riveting for structural work on extension to a hospital could be
A.It is cheaper
B.It is convenient
C.It produces rigid structure
D.(a) it is quieter
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13. Plug weld joint is used
A.Where longitudinal shear is present
B.Where severe loading is encountered and the upper surfaces of both pieces must be in the same plane
C.To join two pieces of metal in tile same manner as rivet joint metals
D.There is nothing like plug weld joint
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14. Pick up the incorrect statement about MIG welding
A.No flux required
B.High welding speed
C.Increased corrosion resistance
D.Even unclean surface can be welded to obtain sound welds
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