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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

120. The main advantage of MIG welding over TIG welding is that
A.Former can be used to weld hard to weld metal
B.Former permits use of large currents thereby allowing higher deposition
C.Welding rate is very fast
D.Welding is completely automatic
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121. Which of the following materials is best weldable with itself
A.Stainless steel
D.Mild steel
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122. Which of the following materials is best cut by oxy-cutting process
B.Mild steel
D.Stainless steel
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123. Oxy-acetylene flame cuts metal by its
B.Intensive oxidation
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124. In gas welding the combustion takes place by mixing oxygen with
B.Fuel gas
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125. In inert gas arc welding, following is used for welding stainless steel, copper or cast iron
A.Non-combustible electrode in combination with helium and d.c. current
B.Combustible electrode and argon in combination with a.c. current
C.Straight polarity d.c. current
D.Carbon dioxide, because of its excellent penetration and high speed
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126. Oxygen to acetylene ratio in case of carburising flame is
A.0.5 : 1
B.0.9 : 1
C.1 : 1
D.2 : 1
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