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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

106. Filler metal is used in
A.Electric spot welding
B.Projection welding
C.Continuous welding
D.None of the above
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107. The arc length in electric arc welding is the distance between the tip of the electrode and the
A.Work piece
B.Centre of crater
C.Bottom of crater
D.Workpiece top surface minus electrode diameter
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108. Thermit welding is a form of
A.Resistance welding
B.Gas welding
C.Fusion welding
D.Forge welding
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109. Which of the following metals can be suitably welded by TIG welding
C.Pure titanium
D.All of the above
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110. In MIG welding, helium or organ is used in order to
A.Provide cooling effect
B.Act as flux
C.Act as shielding medium
D.Facilitate welding process
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111. Weld spatter refers to
A.Welding electrode
C.Filler material
D.Welding defect
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112. Flash butt welding belongs to the following category of welding
A.Gas welding
B.Arc welding with straight polarity
C.Arc welding with reverse polarity
D.Resistance welding
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