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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

92. In which welding process the parts are heated to welding temperature and then mechanical force is apvlied at the ends to unite the metals
C.Atomic hydrogen
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93. Thermit welding is
A.A process which uses a mixture of iron oxide and granular aluminium
B.Accomplished by maintaining a hot molten metal pool between plates
C.A process in which arc is maintained under a blanket of flux
D.In no welding process
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94. Arc welding uses following electric supply
C.Both AC and DC
D.Spiral waveform
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95. It is required to permanently connect the end of a structural steel angle to a vertical plate. The following type would be preferable
A.Tack weld
B.Fillet Weld
C.Butt weld
D.Plug weld
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96. The welding of stainless is generally difficult because of the following reason
A.Rust formation takes place
B.High melting temperature of stainless steel
C.Formation of oxide film
D.Formation of chromium carbide
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97. Filler material in welding should have
A.Same composition as the parent metal to be welded
B.Same melting temperature as the parent metal to be welded
C.Same composition and same melting temperature as the parent metal to be welded
D.Same composition as of electrode
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98. Distortion in welding occurs due to
A.Use of excessive current
B.Improper clamping methods
C.Use of wrong electrodes
D.Oxidation of weld pool
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