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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

932. In equation VT^n= C, value of n depends on
A.Material of workpiece
B.Material of tool
C.Condition of machine
D.Working conditions
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933. With continuous chip cutting, maximum heat is taken by
D.Depends on velocity of cutting
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934. Shear angle is the angle between
A.Shear plane and tool face
B.Shear plane and job surface
C.Shear plane and horizontal
D.Shear plane and vertical
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935. The diameter of a finish turned shaft can best be checked with a
A.Combination set
B.Slip gauges
C.Height gauge
D.Micrometer screw gauge
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936. One micron is equal to
A.1 mm
B.0.1 mm
C.0.01 mm
D.0.001 mm
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937. Accurate centering of work mounted in an independent chuck can be determined by using a
A.Centre gauge
B.Height gauge
C.Dial indicator
D.Surface gauge
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938. Which of the following is not the angle measuring device
A.Angle plate
B.Sine bar
C.Bevel protector
D.Angle gauge
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