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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

911. When the file is pushed and pulled across the work, it is called
A.Push-pull filing
B.Straight filing
C.Draw filing
D.All of the above
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912. The thickness of light gauge sheet steel can be best checked with a
A.Finely divided steel scale
B.Depth gauge
C.Hermaphrodite caliper
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913. Optical flats are made of
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914. The least count of a metric vernier caliper having 25 divisions on vernier scale, matching with 24 divisions of main scale (1 m.s division = 0.5 mm) is
A.0.05 mm
B.0.01 mm
C.0.02 mm
D.0.001 mm
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915. The thread micrometer measures
A.The major diameter of the thread
B.The minor diameter of the thread
C.The effective diameter of the thread
D.The root diameter of the thread
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916. The taper of internal dovetail can be measured with the help of
A.Sine bar
B.Combination set
C.Balls of standard dimensions and slip gauges
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917. External taper can be accurately measured with the help of
A.Sine bar and slip gauges
B.Dividing head
C.Precision balls and height gauge
D.Combination set
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