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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

876. Buffing is the operation of
A.Cleaning castings
B.Depositing metal by spraying
C.Broaching in reverse direction
D.Producing luster on metal surface
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877. The workpiece is advanced as follows in centreless grinding
A.Manually by operator
B.Automatically by machine drive
C.On its own
D.Force exerted by regulating wheel
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878. Grinding wheel is balanced frequently because of
A.High rpm
B.Random wear
C.Uneven wear
D.Frequent glazing
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879. For grinding steel and alloy steel, following material of wheel should be chosen
A.Aluminium oxide
B.Silicon Carbide
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880. Pick up incorrect statement about centreless grinding
A.It is suitable for long jobs
B.Rate of production as compared to cylindrical grinding is low
C.Wear and tear of machine is less
D.Cost of production as compared to cylindrical grinding is less
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881. The regulating wheel in centreless grinding is usually
A.Smaller than grinding wheel
B.Bigger than grinding wheel
C.Of same size as grinding wheel
D.Smaller than workpiece
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882. In centreless grinding machine, the maximum angular adjustment of following order is provided
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