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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

848. The operation of threading a drilled hole is called
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849. A fluted tool used to cut internal threads is called :
A.A Tap
B.A Chisel
C.A Die
D.An End mill
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850. Hand-tapping is an operation for generation of internal threads. The number of taps generally used for hand tapping are
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851. For making a chamfer on the edge of a hole, the following operation is required
A.Counter sinking
B.Spot facing
C.Counter boring
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852. The chips formed in making threads by plug tap
A.Get out through grooves
B.Get out along With lubricant
C.Get out through flutes
D.Cannot get out
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853. A tap drill
A.Is a special type of drill
B.Does drilling and tapping operations simultaneously
C.Is merely a convenient way to refer to the proper size drill to be used before using a tap
D.Does not exist
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854. Nominal diameter of a bolt or screw is
A.Larger than the actual diameter
B.Smaller than the actual diameter
C.Same as the actual diameter
D.Depends on the range in which actual diameter falls
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