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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

841. Solid reamers do almost all their cutting with
B.Bottom-most surface
C.45° chamfered front end
D.All of the above
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842. The tool used to withdraw a drill from its sleeve is called
A.Alien key
C.Taper key
D.Drill puller
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843. The depth of a drilled hole is measured from the work surface to
A.The point made by the drill
B.The depth of the full diameter of the drill
C.A point midway between the point and full diameter
D.All of the above
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844. The function of flutes of the reamer is to
A.Cut the metal
B.Guide the reamer
C.Slightly improve the finish
D.Both (B) and (C) above
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845. When drilling cast iron, the following coolant should be used
B.Lard oil
C.Compressed air
D.Water with soluble oil 439
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846. For reaming purposes, the diameter of drill hole uptosize of 25 mm should be made smaller than the desired final size by
A.0.01 mm
B.0.05 mm
C.0.1 mm
D.0.5 mm
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847. The cutting speed to be used in reaming a hole in comparison to speed used in drilling that hole should be
D.Could be any speed
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