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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

78. In arc welding if arc is too long, it will result in
A.Formation of large globules in an irregular pattern because of wandering of arc, leading to poor fusion with base metal
B.Electrode sticking to the base metal and base metal not melting and bead resting on top of the work, leading to poor fusion and gas and slag holes
C.Arc extinction
D.Operator hazard
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79. The carburising flame as compared to oxidising flame is
A.More luminous
B.Less luminous
C.Equally luminous
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80. The temperature of the inner luminous cone of neutral flame is the order of
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81. The most commonly used flame in gas welding is
D.All of the above
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82. The maximum flame temperature occurs at
A.The tip of flame
B.The inner cone
C.Next to the inner cone
D.At the outer cone
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83. Submerged arc welding is
A.A process which uses a mixture of iron oxide and granular aluminium
B.Accomplished by maintaining a hot molten metal pool between plates
C.A process in which arc is maintained under a blanket of
D.All of the above
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84. Too fast welding speed in arc welding would result in
A.Excessive piling up of weld metal, poor penetration, wasted electrodes
B.Excessive spatter, under cutting along edges, irregular deposits, wasted electrodes
C.Too small bead, weak weld and wasted electrodes
D.Excessive piling up of weld metal, overlapping without penetration of edges, wasted electrodes
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