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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

827. Which portion of a taper shank drill prevents drill from slipping and thus ensures a positive drive
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828. If a drill breaks when drilling a soft and tough material, it could be due to
A.Low speed
B.Blunt drill
C.Hard drill
D.Obstruction of flute of drill by chips
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829. To reduce the feeding pressure needed for drilling larger holes, it is a good practice first to
A.Anneal the workpiece
B.Drill a countersunk hole
C.Drill a small pilot hole
D.Drill a stepped hole
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830. A drill having flat side and two cutting edges for drilling large holes is called
B.Spade drill
C.Boring tool
D.Counter-boring tool
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831. Kerosene is a good cutting fluid to use when drilling
A.Cast iron
B.Mild steel
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832. The taper usually employed in drill sleeves is known as:
A.Girling taper
B.Morse taper
C.Brown and Sharpe taper
D.Metric taper
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833. A taper shank drill is removed from the drill spindle by
A.Tapping the drill by a hammer
B.A screw driver
C.A draft
D.A drift
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