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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

750. Hardness of grinding wheel is determined by
A.The resistance exerted by the bond against grinding stress
B.Hardness of abrasive grains
C.Hardness of bond
D.Its ability to penetration
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751. The process of improving cutting action of grinding wheel is called
A.Dressing operation
B.Turning operation
C.Cutting operation
D.Facing operation
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752. In cylindrical grinding operations, the work compared to grinding wheel is always rotated
A.At a much slower speed
B.At a much faster speed
C.At the same speed
D.At 100 rpm more
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753. Pick up the wrong statement
A.For grinding hard as well as brittle materials, fine grained grinding wheel is used
B.For grinding metal at fast rate, coarse grained wheel is used
C.For grinding hard materials, soft grade is used and vice versa
D.For grinding soft material, fine grain is used
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754. A slight taper on the full length of a long shaft mounted between centres on a universal cylindrical grinder, can be ground by
A.Off setting the tail stock
B.Swivelling the table on its base
C.Swivelling the wheel head
D.Swivelling the workpiece
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755. What kind of abrasive cut-off wheel should be used to cut concrete, stone and masonry ?
C.Diamond grit
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756. Aluminium oxide wheel would be selected for grinding
A.Cast iron
B.Cemented carbide
C.Ceramic materials
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