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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

736. For grinding operation in which heat generation must be kept minimum, the following bond of wheel must be used
A.Resinoid rubber
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737. Holes in parts which have been hardened by heat treatment can be finished to accurate size only by
C.Internal grinding
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738. Which of the following is an example of snag grinding
A.Removing excess metal on weld
B.Trimming the surface left by sprues and risers
C.Removing flash from forgings
D.All of the above
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739. The grit size of the abrasives used in the grinding wheel is usually specified by the
A.Hardness number
B.Size of the wheel
C.Softness or hardness of the abrasive
D.Mesh number
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740. A grinding wheel gets glazed due to
A.Wear of abrasive grains
B.Wear of bond
C.Breaking of abrasives
D.Cracks in wheel
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741. In grinding practice, the term "hardness of the wheel" or "grade of the wheel" refers to
A.Hardness of the abrasives used
B.Strength of the bond of the wheel
C.Finish of the wheel
D.Hardness of the workpiece
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742. Which abrasive particle would you choose for grinding tungsten carbide tool inserts
A.Silicon carbide
B.Aluminium oxide
D.Cubic boron carbide
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