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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

701. The process of trimming is associated with
B.Press work
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702. The numerical control system which is applicable to a milling machine is called the
A.Point-to-point system
B.Continuous path system
C.Zig-zag machining system
D.Straight cut-system
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703. The broaching operation in which the work moves past the stationary tool is called
A.Pull broaching
B.Push broaching
C.Surface broaching
D.Continuous broaching
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704. The point-to-point system of numerical control can be applied only to the conventional
A.Drilling machine or jig boring operations
B.Milling operations
C.Shaper operations
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705. The following machine should be specified when complex parts in short run quantities with variation have to be produced
B.NC machine
C.Transfer machine
D.Electro-chemical milling machine
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706. TAB code is used
A.To leave space between words
B.At the end of a block
C.To align the information properly on the type written copy
D.For staring fresh instruction
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707. Relief or clearance angles on H.S.S. tools usually vary from
A.0 to 30°
B.3 to 10°
C.10 to 15°
D.15 to 20°
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