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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

1. T-joint weld is used
A.Where longitudinal shear is present
B.Where severe loading is encountered and the upper surface of both pieces must be in the same plane
C.To join two pieces of metal in the same manner as rivet joint metals
D.To join two pieces perpendicularly

2. Upto what thickness of plate, edge preparation for welding is not required
A.4 mm
B.6 mm
C.8 mm
D.10 mm

3. Plain and butt welds may be used on materials upto approximately
A.25 mm thick
B.40 mm thick
C.50 mm thick
D.70 mm thick

4. Open circuit voltage for arc welding is of the order of
A.18-40 volts
B.40-95 volts
C.100-125 volts
D.130-170 volts

5. Seam welding is
A.Multi-spot welding process
B.Continuous spot welding process
C.Used to form mesh
D.Used for welding cylindrical objects

6. The material used for coating the electrode is called
A.Protective layer

7. Grey cast iron is best welded by
D.Submerged arc

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