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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

386. The function of a condenser in thermal power plant is
A.To act as reservior to receive steam for turbine
B.. to condense steam into condensate to be reused again
C.To create vacuum
D.All of the above
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387. The vacuum obtainable in a condenser is dependent upon
A.Capacity of ejector
B.Quantity of steam to be handled
C.Any of above two is possible
D.Temperature of coolintg water
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388. In surface condenser used in steam power plant
A.Water flows through tubes and steam is outside
B.Steam flows -through tubes and water is outside
C.Any of above two is possible
D.Steam and water mix up
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389. The commonly used material of pipes in condensers is
A.Mild steel
B.Stainless steel
C.Cast iron
D.Admiralty brass
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390. For a convergent divergent nozzle, the mass flow rate. remains constant if the ratio of exit and inlet pressures
A.Is less than critical pressure ratio
B.Is equal to the critical pressure ratio
C.Is more than critical pressure ratio
D.Is infinity
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391. The velocity of steam in a nozzle can be increased above sonic velocity by expanding steam below critical pressure by using
A.Parallel section
B.Wered section
C.Abruptly changing cross section
D.Divergent portion
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392. The maximum velocity attainable at the throat of a steam nozzle is
A.Much less than sonic velocity
B.Slightly less than sonic velocity
C.Sonic velocity
D.Slightly more than sonic velocity
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