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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

358. In case of triple-tandem compound arrangement in steam turbines
A.The steam from one casing flows to other, the shafts of both being coupled in straight line
B.The steam in any casing enters in the middle and flows in both the directions
C.The steam from one casing flows to other, the shafts. of both being in different planes
D.The steam flows from high pressure casing to intermediate pressure casing and then to low pressure casing, the shafts of all the three being coupled in one straight line
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359. Which of the following governing method is not used for reaction turbines
A.Nozzle control governing
B.Throttle governing
C.Bypass governing
D.Throttle and bypass governing
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360. Turbines are usually designed for following %age of moisture content in the last stage
A.Completely saturated, i.e. no moisture
B.10-12% moisture
C.20% moisture
D.30% moisture
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361. Turbine is tripped when the
A.Pressure at ii let increases
B.Speed shoots up
C.Blades are eroded
D.Mass flow increases
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362. High moisture content (above 10-12%) in the last stage. of turbine would lead to
A.Lower thermal efficiency
C.Badly erosion of blades
D.Can not occur
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363. The length of blade keeps on increasing as steam flows from high pressure entrance side to condenser side because
A.That arrangement provides good balancing
B.. for aesthetics
C.It makes expansion easier
D.Large volumes of steam have to be handled at lower pressure
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364. Curtis turbine is basically a
A.Pressure compounded turbine
B.Veloctiy compounded turbine
C.Pressure velocity compounded turbine
D.Impulse-reaction turbine
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