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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

330. In a steam thermal power plant, in order to build up the vacuinn in the condeOer, the turbine glands are sealed by supplying steam from
B.Leakage steam
C.Auxiliary steam source
D.Extraction steam
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331. The number of stages in an i pulse turbine'-as compared tot reaction tur 'tie is
D.More/less depending on capacity
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332. The pressure in the gland steam header for sealing the glands of low pressure steam turbine is maintained
A.At vacuum
B.At atmospheric conditions
C.At around 0-1 mm wcl
D.At around 100-200 mm we!
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333. Differential expansion takes place due to
A.Thermal expansion of casing
B.Wearing of thrust pad
C.Different expansions of casing and rotor
D.Cooling of casing due to radiation
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334. After turbine trip, the cooling water to condenser is stopped
B.After 15-30 mts
C.Never stopped
D.May be stopped any time
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335. The ratio of work done by the blades per kg of steam flowing through a set of fixed and moving blades, and the corresponding isentropic enthalpy drop is called
A.Nozzle efficiency
B.Blade efficiency
C.Stage efficiency
D.Relative efficiency
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336. Stage efficiency of steam turbine is equal to
A.Blade efficency/nozzle efficiency
B.Nozzle efficiency/blade efficiency
C.Nozzle efficiency x blade efficiency
D.1- blade effic;e,ncy
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