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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

316. In impulse reaction turbines, the pressure drops
A.In fixed nozzles
B.In moving blades
C.In fixed blades
D.In both fixed and moving blades
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317. For maximum work done for good economy of turbines the linear speed of the blades is
A.Equal to the velocity of steam entering the blades
B.Twice the velocity of steam entering the blades
C.Half the velocity of steam entering the blades
D.One-fourth the velocity of steam entering the blades
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318. Why a single stage turbine is not used in practice ?
A.It can't generate much power
B.The control is not possible
C.Heat energy is not utilised fully
D.The rotational speed becomes very high requiring large reduction gearing
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319. If friction be neglected in impulse turbine then
A.Work done is maximum
B.Pressure increases as it flows over moving blades
C.Relative velocity at inlet and outlet of blade is same
D.Pressure decreases as steam moves over blades
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320. Which is false statement in connection with collection of steam coming out of sealineg,lands
A.Steamaving high heat value should be utilised inste id cf wasting into atmosphere
B.If not collected, it would cool the shaft
C.It may blow in bearings and destroy lub oil
D.It would form -condensate, causing undue moisture in plant equipment
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321. As a result of blade friction, the relative velocity at outtet of impulse turbine compared to inlet relative velocity is
A.Nparlyi same
B.2% less
C.110% to 15% less
D.30% less
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322. Steam rate of steam turbines is expressed as
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