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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

295. Which statement is not true for steam turbine in comparsion to steam engines
A.There is no boiler-water contamination from lubricating oil as in a steam engine
B.Turbine delivers smooth uninterrupted power at high rotating speeds
C.Turbines have less weight per horsepower and power wearing parts compared to steam engines
D.Heat energy of steam is better utilised in steam egnines than in turbines
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296. In the impulse turbine the steam expands
A.In the nozzle
B.In the blades
C.Partly in nozzle and partly in blades
D.Neither in nozzle nor in blades
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297. Parson's turbine is
A.Simple reaction type turbine
B.Simple impulse type turbine
C.Velocity compounded type turbine
D.Pressure compounded type turbine
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298. A Ljungstrom turbine is
A.Impulse turbine
B.Reaction trubine
C.Inward radial flow turbine
D.Outward radial flow turbine
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299. In reaction turbine the expansion of steam as it flows over blades represents
A.Throttling process
B.Free expansion process
C.Isothermal expansion
D.Adiabatic process
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300. De Laval turbine is a
A.Simple reaction turbine
B.Simple impulse turbine
C.Velocity compounded impulse turbine
D.Pressure compounded-impulse turbine
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301. De Laval turbine is used for application4 requiring
A.High power, high speed
B.High power, low speed
C.Low power, high speed
D.Low power, low speed
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