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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

288. Pick up the correct statement about advantages of compound steam-engine
A.Ratio of expansion is reduced, thus reducing lenght of stroke
B.Temperature range is low and thus more eondensation
C.Cost of engine is low
D.High Pressure steam can be used
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289. In a compound steam engine, the ratio of expansion, and stroke lenght, respectively are
A.Increased, increased
B.Decreased, decreased
C.Increased, decreased
D.Decreased, increased
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290. The size of a steam engine is specified as 250 x 300– 450 rpm. In this 300 indicates
B.Bore size
C.Shaft diameter
D.Piston stroke
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291. In steam engines using throttle control, the relationship between steam consumption and I.H.P. is
C.Lower rise at lower loads and higher rise at higher loads
D.Higher rise at lower loads and lower rise at higher loads
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292. Missing quantity in steam engines refers to
A.Steam not admitted into cylinder due to valve imperfection
B.Steam lost due to friction
C.Difference between actual weight of steam present in cylinder and the indicated weight of dry saturated steam
D.Steam not capable of expanding due to early opening of exhaust valve
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293. The cross head in a steam engine is essential when it is
A.Directly connected to reciprocating pump
B.Directly connected to rail wheels
C.Single acting
D.Double acting
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294. A steam engine is to be reversed. How much the eccentric should be shifted, if angle of advance is 100
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