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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

281. The sequence of events during the stroke of a steam engine are
A.Admission, cut-off, expansion, release
B.Admission, expansion, release, cut-off
C.Admission, expansion, cut-off, release
D.Cut-off, admission, release, expansion, cut-off
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282. In steam engines, the use of following type of valves follows closely in internal combustion engine practice
A.Simple slide valve
B.Drcip valve.
C.Piston valve
D.Corliss valve
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283. The following valves in steam engines use independent steam and exhaust valve which reduce cylinder condensation and allow admission and exhaust events to be set independently
A.Meyer expansion valve
B.Both corliss and drop valves. 85
C.Corliss, valve
D.Drop valve
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284. According to William's law for a steam engine operating on throttle governing, the steam consumption with reference to I.H.P. varies
C.Remain constant
D.First increases and -then decreases
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285. The cylinder of n steam engine is usually
A.Exposed to atmosphere
B.Properly lagged
C.Steam jacketed
D.Water cooled
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286. The condensation in multi-cylinder steam engine in comparison to single cylinder engine is
D.More/less depending on engine capacity
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287. In a two cylinder compound engine the cylinder dimeneions can be calculated from the
A.P-v digaram and RPM
B.H.p. and actual indicator diagram
C.H.p. and hypothetical indicator diagram
D.H.p. and speed
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