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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

274. Missing quantity can be reduced by
A.Steam jacketing of cylinder walls
B.All of the above.
C.Reducing the expansion ratio
D.Increasing speed of engine
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275. In a condensing steam engine, the
A.Exhaust steam is wasted into atmosphere
B.Exhaust steam is condensed in condenser.
C.Steam condenses in the cylinder
D.Steam condenses as soon as it leave8 the cylinder
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276. In uniflow steam engine, steam enters at one side and steam exhausts at
A.The same side
B.The opposite side
C.The middle of cylinder
D.Both the ends
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277. Cut off ratio in a steam engine is the ratio of
A.Volume of steam at cut off to cylinder volume
B.Pressure at cut off to supply pqssure
C.Pressure at cut off to m.e.p.
D.Fraction of piston stroke travelled by piston at clit off
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278. Angle of advance on plain D-slide valve is the
A.Distance that the edge of the valve closes off the port opening when it is in the centre of its travel
B.Amount of opening in the steam port when the piston is exactly, at the end of the strae
C.Amount of cam movement necessary to make the valve to be opened by a distance equal to lead and lap when the piston is at top of dead centre
D.Movement due to wear and tear
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279. It is not possible to obtain complete expansion of steam to condenser pressure in a steam engine because
A.It is not economical to use condenser with steam engine
B.Cooling water at ,very low water is required
C.Engine then can't be balanced
D.Since specific volume of steam at vacuum is very, high, size of LP ,cylinder will be very large
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280. The D-slide valve
A.Exhausts steam from the cylinder at proper moment
B.Adjusts stroke lenght
C.Controls point of steam admission
D.Guides motion of piston
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