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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

267. The Enction of an eccentric rod in steam engine is to
A.Com ert rotary motion of crankshaft ihtu to and fro motion of the valve rod
B.Provide SHM to D-slide valve
C.Impart sliding motion to slide valve
D.Convert reciprocating motion to rotary motion
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268. The purpose of crosshead in steam engines is to
A.Facilitate piston to reciprocate
B.Provide sealing at the end of cylinder
C.Translate linear motion into angular by ' ossillating about the wrist pin
D.Provide motion at the proper time to actuate the valve gear
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269. The main function of a stuffing box in a steam engine is to
A.Guide the pistion rod
B.Receive steam from engine
C.Operate valve in proper sequence
D.Prevent leakage
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270. The function of a crosshead in steam engine is to guide the motion of
A.Piston rod
B.Valve rod
C.Connecting rod
D.D-slide valve
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271. Valve lead is the
A.Distance that the edge of the valve 'closes off the port opening when it is in the centre of its travel
B.Amount of opening in the steam port when the pistion is exactly at the end of the stroke
C.Amount of cam movement necessary to make the valve to be opened by a distance equal to lead and lap whbn the piston is at the top of dead centre
D.Axial movement of valve due to wear and teat
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272. The cushion steam in a steam engine is the steam
A.Locked up in the cylinder after the exhaust valve has been closed
B.Not able to move out of cylinder
C.Locked up in the clearance volunie of the cylinder
D.Locked up around piston and cylinder
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273. The missing quantity in steam engines is maximum
A.At the point of release
B.After the point of release
C.At the point of cut off
D.After the point of cut off
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