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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

260. In tandem type compound steam engine the cranks are palced
A.0° apart
B.45° apart
C.90° apart
D.180° apart
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261. In centrifugal type governor steam engines
A.The point of cut-off is shifted, thereby adjusting mass rate of steam flow to match load requirements
B.The steam pressure at inlet to cylinder is throttled
C.The .stroke length is adjusted to meet load requirements
D.Speed is adjusted in line with load changes
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262. The function of piston rod is to
A.Transfer motion from piston to cross head
B.Transfer motion from piston to connecting rod
C.Provide reciprocating motion to slide valve
D.Convert reciprocating motion of piston to rotary motion,
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263. According to William's law as applicoble to throttle governed steam engine, the state of steam consumption is propertional to
C.Mechanical efficiency
D.Thermal efficiency
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264. Inertia type shaft governors are preferred over centrifugal type in steam engine because
A.They are more efficient as they control mass rate of steam flow
B.They have greater sensitivity to load change
C.They provide closer control Of engine speed
D.They are more reliable
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265. Steam lap is
A.The distance that the edge of the valve closes off the port opening when it is in the centre of its travel
B.The amount of opening in the steam port when the piston is exactly at the _ end of the stroke
C.The amount of cam movement necessary to make the valve to be opened by a distance equal to lead and lap when the piston is at the top of dead centre
D.There is nothing like steam lap
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266. In the simple teciprocating steam engine, the admission and exhaust ports
A.Are on the same, side of cylinder
B.Provide sealing at the end of cylinder
C.Translate linear motion into angular by oscillating about the wrist pin
D.Provide motion at the proper time to actuate the valve gear
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