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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

246. The missing quantity in steam engines refers to
A.Heat content in steam led to exhaust
B.Heat loss by radiation
C.Condensation of steam in cylinder and leakage past the piston
D.Leakage steam
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247. Pick up the wrong statement. If expansion ratio in a simple steam engine is high then
A.Leakage past the piston will be high
B.Work done will be maximum.
C.Condensation of steam entering the cylinder will be high
D.Stroke of the engine will be very large
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248. The p-V diagram of a steam engine can be produced automatically by
A.Fitting pressure and volume sensors on cylinder
B.Air indicator
C.Piezo electric crystals
D.Digital meters
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249. The presence of loop in the indicator diagram of reciprocating engine indicates
A.There is loss of power in engine because steam has expanded and then been compressed by the piston
B.The variable value of the exhaust pressure
C.Low thermal efficiency
D.Some change in settinigs is required
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250. The function of a governor on a steam engine is to
A.Regulate load
B.Match steam parameters with reference to load
C.Provide safety of engine under abnormal conditions
D.Maintain a fairly constant speed for all loads
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251. In inertia-type governors on steam engines
A.The point of cut-off is shifted, thereby adjusting mass rate of steam flow to match load requirements
B.The steam pressure at inlet to cylinder is throttled
C.The stroke length is adjusted to meet load changes
D.Speed is adjusted in line with load changes
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252. For given inlet pressure, cut off point and same law of expansion, work done per kg of steam in a reciprocating steam engine as compared to steam turbine will be
D.More or less depending upon capacity of engine and turbine
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