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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

239. Superheating of steam for steam engine -results in
A.Heating pp of all the parts thereby reducing missing quantity,
B.Increase in efficiency of rankine cycle
C.More work
D.Less work
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240. the function of a reheater in a steam reciprocating engine is
A.To heat steam again if it g not at proper temperature
B.To heat steam in twO kages
C.To reduce condensation before steam is admitted into low pressure cylinder
D.Produce very high pressure
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241. Missing quantity in steam engines occurs due to
A.Cylinder condensation
B.Leakage past the valves
C.Leakage past the piston
D.All of the above
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242. The expansion ratio in steam engines is the ratio of
A.Clearance volume to swept volume
B.Swept volume to clearance volume
C.Cut off volume to swept volume
D.Swept volatile to volume at cut off
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243. Missing quantity per stroke in steam engines is equal to
A.Cylinder feed — indicated weight of stePin
B.Indicated weight _ of steam—cylinder feed
C.Cylinder feed — weight of culshion steam indicated weight of steam— weight of cushion steam
D.(e) indicated weight of steam+ weight of cushion steam.
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244. COmkasation or excessive carry over is dangerous to reciprocating engine because
A.It reduces efficiency
B.It makes difficult for steam to be discharged fully in exhaust
C.It'cools down parts, therelfy- introducing 'theimal stresses
D.Water being incompressible, excess of it may wreck the engine
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245. In steam engines, cylinder condensation is caused by
A.Alternate heating and cooling of steam between the cylinder admission and exhaust
B.Radiation losses to atmosphere
C.Conduction through metal parts
D.Steam not being superheated
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