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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

232. William's line for steam engine is the straight line relationship between mass rate of steam flow and
D.Compression ratio
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233. The uniflow steam engine is also known as
A.The static-flow engine
B.Single direction steam engine
C.Radial engine
D.Mid-cylinder exhaust engine
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234. Clearance ratio in steam engine is the ratio of clearane volume to
A.Swept volume
B.Cylinder volume
C.Volume at cut off
D.Swept volume-cut off volume
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235. In a compound steam engine, if cranks are ,placed at 90° to each other, then steam from HP cylinder to_LP cylinder_ can be transferred
C.Through a receiver
D.In the middle of the stroke
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236. Cut off ratio in steam engine is the ratio of volume at cut off to the
A.Clearance volume
B.Swept volume
C.Cylinder volume
D.Clearance volume plus swept volum
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237. In an agnle-compounded engine
A.One high and one low pressure cylinder are set side by side driving the same shaft, cranks being set 90° apart
B.Two cylinders are centred on the same pistioni rod, the 1.p. cylinder being placed nearest the crankshaft
C.Two cylinders are set at 90° usually to save floor space
D.Two cylinders are set in V-arrangement
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238. Compound steam engine is one in which
A.Steam expands twice
B.Two engines are combined together
C.Major parts are repeated twice
D.Two units are put together
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