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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

218. In a cross compound steam engine
A.One high and one low pressure cylinder are set side•by side, driving the same shaft, cranks being set 90° apart
B.Two cylinders are centred on the same piston rod, the 1.p. cylinder being placed nearest the crankshaft
C.Two cylinders are set at 90°, usually to save floor space
D.Two cylinders are set in V-arrangement
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219. Diagram factor is defmed as the ratio of
A.Actual m.e.p. and swept volume
B.Theoretical m.e.p. and swept volume
C.Actual m.e.p. and theoretical m.e.p.
D.Theoretical m.e.p. and actual m.e.p.
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220. The average value of diagram factor for various types of steam engines is approximately
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221. The steam admission pressure in case of steam locomotives is of the ordei of
A.1-3 kg/cm2
B.4- 6kg/cm2
C.8-18 kg/cm2
D.25-40 kg/cm2
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222. The back pressure in a locomotive steam engine is of the order of
A.Atmospheric pressure
B.0.5 ata
C.0.2 ata
D.1.3 ata
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223. The saturation curve of a steam engine rep-resents-
A.The saturated state of steam
B.The quantum of missing quantity
C.The curve drawn through the points of dry volume
D.The condition of steam at exhaust corresponding to various inlet conditions
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224. The steam trap is employed to
A.Condense the steam
B.Separate condensate from steam
C.Drain off condensate resulting from partial condensation
D.Keep steam, superheated
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