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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

211. Free burning coal is one which
A.Burns freely
B.Burns completely
C.Shows little or no fusing action
D.Leaves no unburnt carbon
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212. Which of the following coal variety has low calorific value
A.Bituminous coal
D.Steam coal
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213. Orsat apparatus is used to determine the
A.Combustion efficiency
B.Leakage of air into boiler
C.Conductivity of water
D.Analysing the flue gas on the spot
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214. Orsat apparatus is used to determine the
A.Combustibles in flue gases
B.Percentage of CO2, 02 and CO by volume in flue gases
C.Percentage of CO2, 02, and CO by weight in flue gases
D.02 in flue gases
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215. The chief advantage of reheat cycle is
A.Increase efficency
B.Obtain more work
C.Increase number of turbine cylinders
D.To decrease moisture content in low pressure stages
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216. In Orsat apparatus, the gases, CO2, 02 and CO are absorbed in first three pairs of bulbs by filling them with
A.Sodium hydroxide solution, pyrogallol, and cuprous chloride solutions respectively
C.Cuprous chloride, sodium hydroxide, pyrogallol respectively
D.Sodium hydroxide, cuprous chloride, pyrogallol respectively
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217. The function of a flywheel is to
A.Facilitate start of machine
B.Smooth out power impulses
C.Act as pulley for belt drive 79
D.To store energy for periods of failure of main supply
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