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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

197. Why is it desitable to turn the ejector on for 15-20 minutes daily when a steam turbine is not running
A.To increase efficiency
B.To cool the turbine
C.To draw moisture out of casing
D.To avoid bending of shaft
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198. Most serious energy loss in impulse steam turbine is
A.Steam- leakage between diaphragms and shaft
B.Leakage over blade ends through radial clearance passages
C.Frictional resistance between steam—and nozzle side
D.Impact Loss as steam enters the moving blades
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199. Most serious energy loss in reaction steam turbine is
A.Steam leakage between diaphragms
B.And shaft
C.(b) leakage over blade ends through radial clearance passages
D.(c) frictional resistance between steam and nozzle side
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200. Velocity compounding in an impulse turbine results in shorter turbine because this stage
A.Is most efficient
B.Absorbs much kinetic energy
C.Reduces maximum pressure
D.Handles steam at high pressure
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201. The blowdown cock in boiler is used for
A.Regulating drum level by blowing unwanted water
B.Emptying the boiler in case of shut down
C.Maintaining constant pressure in drum by blowing unwanted steam
D.To remove sludge or sediments from drum
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202. The correct sequence of location of equipment in the flue gas path from furnace exit upto chimney is
A.Superheater, economiser, air heater (AH), electrostatic precipitator (EP), induced draft fans (ID)
B.Superheater, economiser, EP, ID, AH
C.Superheater, EP, economiser, All, ID
D.Superheater, AH, ID, economiser, EP
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203. What type of fuel is best adapted to the chain or travelling grate stoker
A.Caking coal
B.Pulverised coal
C.Non-caking or free burning coal
D.High-ash content coal
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