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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

183. During storage, the heating value of coal
C.Remains constant
D.May increase or decrease depending upon the method of storage
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184. The relative heat absorption for successively added equal areas of boiler convection heating surfaces_
C.Remains unaffected
D.First increases and then drcreases
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185. Film boling occurs at
A.Very low pressure
B.Atmospheric pressures
C.Medium pressures
D.Very high pressures
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186. Fire tube boilers are limited to a maximum design working pressure of
A.1 kg/cm2
B.6 kg/cm2
C.17 kg/cm2
D.100 kg/cm2
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187. For the same diameter and thickness of tube, a water tube boiler compared to a fire tube boiler has
A.More heating surface
B.Less heating surface
C.Equal heating surface
D.Heating surface depends on other parameters
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188. In water wall furnace, the heat is transferred to the water-walls by
B.(a) convection
C.(b) radiation
D.(c) conduction
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189. The feed check valve is used in order to
A.Regulate flow of boiler water .
B.Check level of water in boiler drum
C.Recirculate unwanted feed water
D.Allow high pressure feed water to flow to drum and not allow reverse flow to take place
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