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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Power Plant Engineering }

85. Pick up the correct statement as regards Comish boiler and Lancashire boiler
A.Cornish is fire tube and lancashire is water tube
B.Cornish is water tube and lancashire is fire tube
C.Cornish has two fire tubes and lancashire has one
D.Lancashire has two fire tubes and cornish has one
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86. In locomotive boiler, maximum steam pressure is limited to
A.1 kg/cm2
B.5 kg/cm2
C.10 kg/cm2
D.18 kg/cm2
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87. LocomotiVe-bcAler is of the following type
B.All of the above.
C.Internally fired
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88. The shell diameter and length of locomotive boiler are
A.1.5 m, 4 int
B.1.5 m, 6 m
C.1 m, 4m
D.2 m, 4 m
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89. The diameters of fire tubes and superheaer tubes in locomotive boiler are
A.47.5 mm, 130 mm
B.32.5 mm, 180 mm
C.65.5 mm, 214-mm
D.24.5 mm, 65 mm
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90. The water -tubes in a babcock and wilcox boiler are
D.Horizontal and inclined
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91. Which of the following varieties of coals is mostly used in steam boilers
A.Non-coking bituminous coal
B.Brown coal
D.Coking bituminous coal
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