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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Nuclear Power Plants }

71. The presence of reflector in nuclear power plants results in
A.Increased production of neutrons
B.Complete absorption of neutrons
C.Controlled production of neutrons
D.Decreased leakage of neutrons

72. The first unclear power plant in India is located at

73. U238 will undergo fission by
A.High energy (fast) neutrons alone
B.Low energy (slow) neutrons alone
C.Either fast or slow neutrons
D.None of the above

74. Reactors for propulsion applications use
A.Natural uranium
B.Molten lead
C.Any form of uranium

75. In fast breeder reactors
A.Any type of moderator can be used
B.Moderator is dispensed with
C.Heavy water is used as the moderator
D.Moderator may or may not be used

76. The function of control rods in nuclear plants is to
A.Control temperature
B.Control readioactive pollution
C.Control absorption of neutron
D.Control fuel consumption

77. In triggering fission, the following types of neutrons are desirable
A.Fast moving
B.Slow moving
C.Critical neutrons
D.Neutrons at rest

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