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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Material Science }

57. German silver is an alloy of
A.Silver and some impurities
B.Refined silver
C.Nickel, copper and zinc
D.Nickel and copper

58. Surveying tapes are made of a material having low coefficient of expansion and enough strength. The alloy used is
A.Silver metal
B.Invar alloy
D.Monel metal

59. A cold chisel is made of
A.Mild steel
B.Cast iron
D.High carbon

60. An engineer's hammer is made of
A.Cast iron
B.Forged steel
C.Mild steel
D.High carbon steel

61. Inconel is an alloy of
A.Nickel, chromium and iron
B.Nickel, copper
C.Nickel, chromium
D.Nickel, zinc

62. By severely deforming a metal in a particular direction it becomes

63. Solder is an alloy consisting of
A.Tin, antimony, copper
B.Tin and copper
C.Tin and lead
D.Lead and zinc

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