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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Material Science }

50. Railway rails are normally made of
A.Mild steel
B.Alloy steel
C.High carbon
D.Tungsten steel

51. Pick up the wrong statement
A.Aluminium in steel results in excessive grain growth
B.Manganese in steel induces hardness
C.Nickel and chromium in steel help in raising the elastic limit and improve the resilience and ductility
D.Tungsten in steels improves magnetic properties and hardenability

52. Pick up the wrong statement about: Nickel and chromium in steel help in
A.Providing corrosion resistance
B.Improving machining properties
C.Providing high strength at elevated temperatures
D.Nothing improves

53. Machining properties of steel are improved by adding
A.Sulphur, lead, phosphorous
B.Silicon, aluminium, titanium
C.Vanadium, aluminium
D.Chromium, nickel

54. Eutectoid steel contains following percentage of carbon

55. The basic constituents of Hastelloy are
A.Aluminium, copper etc.
B.Nickel, molybdenum etc.
C.Nickel, copper, etc.
D.All of the above

56. Basic constituents of Monel metal are
A.Nickel, copper
B.Nickel, molybdenum
C.Zinc, tin, lead
D.Nickel, lead and tin

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