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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Material Science }

36. In mottled cast iron, carbon is available in
A.Free form
B.Nodular form
C.Flat form
D.Partly in free and partly in combined state.

37. An important property of high silicon (12 - 18%) cast iron is the high
D.Corrosion resistance

38. An important property of malleable cast iron in comparison to grey cast iron is the high
A.Compressive strength
C.Carbon content

39. Steel contains
A.80% or more iron
B.50% or more iron
C.Alloying elements like chromium, tungsten nickel and copper
D.Elements like phosphorus, sulphur and silicon in varying quantities

40. Carbon steel is
A.Made by adding carbon in steel
B.Refuted from cast iron
C.An alloy of iron and carbon with varying quantities of phosphorus and sulphur
D.Extensively used for making cutting tools

41. Annealing of white cast iron results in production of
A.Malleable iron
B.Nodular iron
C.Spheroidal iron
D.Grey iron

42. "Killed steels" are those steels
A.Which are destroyed by burning
B.Which after their destruction are recycled to produce fresh steel
C.Which are deoxidised in the ladle with silicon and aluminium
D.In which carbon is completely burnt

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