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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Material science }

330. Which of the following is not the objective of nitriding
A.Increase surface hardness
B.Increase fatigue limit
C.Increase wear resistance
D.Refine grain size
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331. In normalising process, the hypoeutectoid steel is
A.Heated above A3 line and cooled very slowly in furnace so as to refine old structure
B.Heated below A1 line with a view to make steel ductile for cold working
C.Heated below A1 line and cooled slowly with a view to remove internal stresses
D.Heated above A3 line and cooled in air resulting in slight hardening
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332. A big advantage of surface hardening by nitriding process is that
A.It is a mass production process
B.It is simple and cheap
C.Parts need not be quenched
D.It does not require furnace
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333. Martensite is the supersaturated solution of carbon in
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334. Martensite is the structure obtained by
A.Quenching austenite
B.Quenching austenite and then heating in the range of 200° to 375°C
C.Quenching austenite and then heating in the range of 375° to 660°C
D.Quenching austenite and then heating in the range of 600° to 700°C
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335. The rollers of a cycle chain are subjected to following type of stress
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336. Magnet steel contains high percentage of
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