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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Material science }

281. Filler is used in plastics to
A.Completely fill up the voids created during manufacturing
B.Improve plasticity, strength and toughness
C.Provide colour, strength, impact and resistance and reduce cost
D.To accelerate the condensation and polymerisation
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282. Which of the following moulding methods is generally not used for thermoplastic materials
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283. Hypo-eutectoid steels for hardening purposes are heated by 30-50°C
A.Above lower critical temperature
B.Below lower critical temperature
C.Below upper critical temperature
D.Above upper critical temperature
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284. The moulding process employed for thermoplastic material is
A.Injection and extrusion methods
B.Compression and transfer moulding methods
C.Similar to thermosetting plastics except that higher temperature is used
D.Similar to thermosetting plastics except that a lower temperature is used
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285. Pigments are fine, solid particles used in preparation of
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286. One of the main disadvantage of thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics is that
A.They deform under heat and pressure
B.They are resistant to water upto 100°C only
C.They do not possess a high mechanical strength
D.Their shape cannot be changed without application of heat
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287. Polyesters belong to the group of
A.Thermoplastic plastics
B.Thermosetting plastics
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