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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Material science }

127. Brass contains
A.70% copper and 30% zinc
B.90% copper and 10% tin
C.85-92% copper and rest tin with little lead and nickel
D.70-75% copper and rest tin
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128. The crystal structure of brass is
D.Orthophombic crystalline structure
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129. The composition of silver solder is
A.Silver, copper, zinc
B.Silver, tin, nickel
C.Silver, lead, zinc
D.Silver, copper, aluminium
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130. Which one of the following metals would work-harden more quickly than the others?
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131. A specimen of aluminium metal when observed under microscope shows
A.B.C.C. crystalline structure
B.F.C.C. crystal structure
C.H.C.P. structure
D.A complex cubic structure
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132. The usual composition of a soldering alloy is
A.Tin, lead and small percentage of antimony
B.Tin and lead
C.Tin, lead and silver
D.Tin and copper
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133. Admiralty brass used for steam condenser tubes contains copper and zinc in the following ratio
A.50 : 50
B.30 : 70
C.70 : 30
D.40 : 60
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