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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Material science }

113. Cold rolled steel sheets contain carbon of the following order
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114. Pipes for bicycle frames are made of
A.Cold rolled steel
B.Hot rolled steel
C.Forged steel
D.Cast steel
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115. Large forgings, crank shafts, axles normally contain carbon upto
A.0.05 to 0.20%
B.0.20 to 0.45%
C.0.45 to 0.55%
D.0.55 to 1.0%
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116. Heavy duty leaf and coil springs ecintain carbon of the following order
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117. Taps, dies and drills contain carbon
A.Below 0.5%
B.Below 1%
C.Above 1%
D.Above 2.2%
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118. Drop forging dies contain carbon of the order of
A.0.1 to 0.2%
B.0.25 to 0.5%
C.0.6 to 0.7%
D.0.7 to 0.9%
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119. Which is the false statement about wrought iron. It has
A.High resistance to rusting and corrosion
B.Uniform strength in all directions
C.Ability of hold protective coating
D.Easily weldable characteristics
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