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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Material Science }

106. Compressive strength of grey cast iron in tonnes/cm2 is of the order of
A.3 - 5
B.5 - 7
C.7 - 10
D.10 - 15

107. Blast furnace produces following by reduction of iron ore
A.Cast iron
B.Pig iron
C.Wrought iron
D.Malleable iron

108. Cupola produces following material
A.Cast iron
B.Pig iron
C.Wrought iron
D.Malleable iron

109. The machinability of steel is increased by
A.Silicon and sulphur
B.Phosphorus, lead and sulphur
C.Graphite and aluminium
D.Phosphorous and aluminium

110. The following element can't impart high strength at elevated temperature

111. Which of the following element results in presence of free graphite in C.I.

112. White cast iron
A.Contains 1.7 to 3.5% carbon in free state and is obtained by the slow cooling of molten cast iron
B.Is also known as chilled cast iron and is obtained by cooling rapidly. It is almost unmachinable
C.Is produced by annealing process. It is soft, tough and easily machined metal
D.Is produced by small additions of magnesium (or creium) in the ladle. Graphite is in nodular or spheroidal form and is well dispersed throughout the material

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