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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Material Science }

92. Which of the following is not the correct method of increasing fatigue limit
A.Shot peening
B.Nitriding of surface
C.Cold working
D.Surface decarburisation

93. Connecting rod is usually made of
B.Low carbon steel
C.Medium carbon steel
D.High carbon steel

94. Which of the following pipes is least corrosion resistant
B.Mild steel
C.Cast iron
D.Wrought iron

95. Tensile strength of steel can be safely increased by
A.Adding carbon upto 2.8%
B.Adding carbon upto 6.3%
C.Adding carbon upto 0.83%
D.Adding small quantities of copper

96. High carbon steel carries carbon %age of
A.0.1 to 0.3%
B.0.3 to 0.6%
C.0.6 to 0.8%
D.0.8 to 1.5%

97. Cobalt in steel
A.Improves wear resistance, cutting ability and toughness
B.Refines grain size and produces less tendency to carburisation, improves corrosion and heat resistant properties
C.Improves cutting ability and reduces hardenability
D.Gives ductility, toughness, tensile strength and anticorrosion properties

98. The percentage of carbon in low carbon steel is

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