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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Material Science }

78. Which is false statement about normalising. Normalising is done to
A.Refme grain structure
B.Reduce segregation in casting
C.Improve mechanical properties
D.Induce stresses

79. Vanadium in high speed steels
A.Promotes decarburisation
B.Provides high hot hardness
C.Forms very hard carbides and thus increases wear resistance
D.Promotes retention of austenite

80. Amorphous material is one
A.In which atoms align themselves in a geometric pattern upon solidification
B.In which there is no definite atomic structure and atoms exist in a random pattern just as in a liquid
C.Which is not attacked by phosphorous
D.Which emits fumes on melting

81. Dislocations in materials refer to the following type of defect
A.Point defect
B.Line defect
C.Plane defect
D.Volumetric defect

82. An example of amorphous material is

83. Which is false statement about tempering. Tempering is done to
A.Improve machinability
B.Improve ductility
C.Improve toughness
D.Release stresses

84. Which is false statement about case hardening. Case hardening is done by
C.Induction hardening

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