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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Machine Design }

50. The deflection of a cantilever beam under load W is ?. If its width is halved, then the deflection under load W will be

51. Ball bearing type screws are found in following application
A.Screw jack
B.Aeroplane engines
D.Steering mechanism

52. Set screws are
A.Similar to small size tap bolts except that a greater variety of shapes of heads are available
B.Slotted for a screw driver and generally used with a nut
C.Used to prevent relative motion between parts
D.Similar to stud

53. A self locking screw has
A.Fine threads
B.Coarse threads
C.Coefficient of friction ? tangent of load angle
D.Hole for inserting split pin

54. The designation M 33 x 2 of a bolt means
A.Metric threads of 33 nos in 2 cm
B.Metric threads with cross-section of 33 mm^2
C.Metric threads of 33 mm outside diameter and 2 mm pitch
D.Bolt of 33 mm nominal diameter having 2 threads per cm

55. Rivets are generally specified by
A.Thickness of plates to be riveted
B.Length of rivet
C.Diameter of head
D.Nominal diameter

56. The edges of a boiler plate are bevelled to an angle of

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