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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Machine Design }

127. Thickness of strap for double strap joint in terms of thickness of plate t is equal to
B.0.6t to t

128. The stress concentration in a riveted joint with unequal width cover plates as compared to one with equal width straps will be
D.Depends on size of plate and diameter of rivet

129. With the percentage increase of carbon in steel
A.Strength of steel decreases
B.Hardness of steel decreases
C.Brittleness of steel decreases
D.Ductility of steel decreases

130. Factor of safety is the ratio of
A.Yield stress/working stress
B.Tensile stress/working stress
C.Compressive stress/working stress
D.Bearing stress/working stress

131. The rivets which are heated and then driven in the field are known as
A.Power driven shop rivets
B.Power driven filed rivets
C.Hand driven rivets
D.Cold driven rivets

132. Cold driven rivets range from
A.6 to 10 mm in diameter
B.10 to 16 mm diameter
C.12 to 22 mm in diameter
D.22 to 32 mm in diameter

133. In an eccentric riveted connection, the rivets have to resist
A.Linear displacement
B.Rotary displacement
C.Linear as well as rotary displacements
D.Linear or rotary displacement

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